• Population and community dynamics
  • The interplay of ecological and evolutionary dynamics (eco-evolutionary dynamics)
  • Freshwater community response to global/climate change
  • Nutrient limitation in lakes - including CO2
  • Freshwater winter and under-ice ecology
  • Host-parasite dynamics



  • Theoretical and empirical (laboratory and field experiments with aquatic organisms)
Student looking at water samples in a flask

At the Fussmann lab, we use aquatic model organisms and combine laboratory and field experiments with mathematical modelling to understand eco-evolutionary dynamics.

Group photo of the Fussmann lab members

Meet my team of Undergraduate, Graduate and Postdoctoral researchers dedicated to understanding the ecology and evolution of populations and communities.

Gregor Fussmann with students in the lab

I welcome researchers interested in combining experimental and theoretical approaches to study population or community dynamics and/or evolutionary dynamics.

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