McGill Family Medicine teaching initiatives during the Coronavirus outbreak


Published: 27Mar2020

McGill Family Medicine teaching initiatives during the Coronavirus outbreak

During this time of crisis, FMIL has quickly stepped up to help our Department through the next few weeks (and potentially months) of the COVID outbreak. Here’s what they have done so far, and are planning:

  1. Post-grad: FMIL created the ‘Academic Half-Day for Residents’ course where all material for these sessions will be available online. They developed the support material and are providing training with interested presenters so that they can turn their presentations into an online format.


  1. Faculty Development: FMIL created the online platform, using myCourses, called ‘Teaching Support and Resources during the COVID-19 Pandemic’. This site has resources on telemedicine, technical issues, etc., as well as support discussion forums for the clinical teachers as they face this challenging time of treating patients and being a teacher.


  1. Graduate programs: FMIL created an online platform, using myCourses, called ‘Graduate Program Teaching and Supervision’ to help support professors with developing online material and the use of educational technologies for virtual synchronous sessions. We are assisting with ensuring the current courses for graduate programs finish in time for the semester, and with any issues relating to the launch of the summer courses. These requests will be handled on an individual basis from each professor; some will be simply advice on how to use Zoom to lecture/host discussions with a small group, others may want to know how to screen record and prepare lectures to be posted on MyCourses.
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