COVID-19 Stories Contest


Published: 24Aug2020

COVID-19 Stories Contest

Deadline for submissions: October 15, 2020

The COVID-19 Stories Contest encourages Family Medicine Department members to share their stories, thoughts and experiences on living through the COVID-19 pandemic. Story telling is a powerful tool in healing. People yearn for stories, particularly stories of influence, hope, and community building. We can learn from and through authentic experiences, both of grief and joy. COVID-19 has shown us the interconnectivity of communities worldwide.

Your stories can take the form of any creative writing including but not limited to poetry, story, prose or essay formats, OR artwork (drawing, painting, music, photography, film, or multimedia). See contest rules for more details.

Prizes will be awarded to the winners. THESE ARE TO BE DETERMINED. (see rules)


COVID-19 Stories Official Contest Rules & Regulations

1. The Contest Period

Contest entries will be accepted online from September 15, 2020 to October 15, 2020 at 11:59:59 PM.

2. How to Enter

The COVID Stories contest is open to all Family Medicine Department Members including teachers, researchers, support staff, masters and PhD students and residents.

Entries should be submitted by email to: com.fammed [at] and include the following information: participant’s full name and contact information (phone number and email address). The writing or artwork must be submitted as an attached document.

3. Entries Accepted

Submissions are accepted in two categories: creative writing and artwork.

Creative writing entries may include but are not limited to poetry, story, prose or essay formats. Written submissions should be a maximum of 5 pages (1500 words) and submitted as a PDF file attachment.

Artwork entries can use a variety of media, including but not limited to painting, sketching, charcoal, photography, music or video. Music or video submissions should be a maximum of 5 minutes in length. A digital copy or photograph of the work of art should be submitted in one of the following formats:

  • Art/Photography: A high-resolution photograph of the work in pdf or jpeg format.
  • Music: recording in MP3 format —192 kbps
  • Videos: recording in H.264 Mp4s format.

Entries will be judged on creativity, connection to the COVID experience, connection to community, authenticity and influence.

4. Selection of Winners, Prizes, Dissemination

The top submissions will be selected by a panel of Department judges and will be honoured at the Family Medicine Retreat on October 29-30, 2020. Winning submissions will be shared via social media.


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