Construction Start: Bronfman Building - Computer lab 045-046

Rendering of new computer lab in Bronfman Building
Publié: 14 December 2022

McGill University has mandated Corenov Constructeurs to carry out the following project: Bronfman Building / 18-094 - Computer lab 045 -046.

The project will transform existing classrooms into two computer teaching labs with new audio visual equipment-reconfiguration. The scope includes the demolition of the back walls to include storage areas as part of the new teaching labs.

Project manager: Joé Normandeau (GPH Inc.) - joe.normandeau [at]

Assistant project manager: Pierre Beauchamp (GPH Inc.) - Pierre.beauchamp [at]

Construction start date: January 2023

Planned construction end date: August 2023

Work schedule: Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Scope of work:

There will be no exterior work related to this project. Interior work will affect first basement, mainly around rooms 045 and 046, and some short interventions in the parking garage. Modifications to the existing electromechanical systems and fire protection are included. New audio visual and security accesses will be added.

Impact: Limited access to rooms 043 and 047 during electromechanical work in the ceiling.


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