Dr. Daniel Dufort

Academic title(s): 

Associate Professor - Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Associate Member - Department of Medicine, Division of Experimental Medicine

Dr. Daniel Dufort
Contact Information

McGill University Health Centre (MUHC)
1001 Decarie Boulevard,
Montreal, Qc, H4A 3J1

(514) 934-1934 ext. 34743
Email address: 
daniel.dufort [at] mcgill.ca
Current research: 

Embryo-Uterine Communication, Embryo Implantation, Uterine Development, Wnt and TGF-beta Signaling


The research interests of my lab are in elucidating the embryo-uterine communication that is required for successful for successful implantation. We are using, molecular, embryological and well as genetic approaches to identify the signaling pathways and their roles in the implantation process. Furthermore, we are also interested in elucidating the role of maternal signals in proper development and function of the placenta which are often associated with complications during pregnancy such as Preeclampsia and Preterm Birth.

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Research areas: 
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