Dr. Antonis Koromilas

Academic title(s): 

Professor - Department of Oncology
Associate Member - Department of Medicine, Division of Experimental Medicine

Contact Information

Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research
Jewish General Hospital
3755 Côte Ste-Catherine Road,
Montreal, Qc, H3T 1E2

(514) 340-8222 ext. 23697
Email address: 
antonis.koromilas [at] mcgill.ca
Current research: 

Dr. Koromilas lab investigates the translational and signaling properties of the phosphorylation of the α subunit the translation initiation factor eIF2 at serine 51 (eIF2αS51P) in stress responses associated with tumor formation and treatment with chemotherapeutic drugs. We also investigate the cell-autonomous function of the transcription factor Stat1 in the inhibition of oncogenic pathways in tumor cells and regulation of tumor responses to treatments with anti-tumor drugs. We employ human and mouse models of solid (breast, lung, colon) and hematopoietic cancers (CML) to better understand the function of eIF2αS51P and Stat1 in cancer in the hope of developing better therapies to combat cancer.

Selected publications: 
Research areas: 
Fundamental Research