Biostatistics Seminars - Fall 2020

Some of the purposes of these sessions are: to promote biostatistics and biostatistical methodology; serve as a learning opportunity for both students and faculty; foster communication, collaboration, professionalism, career development. The format will be varied: seminar presentations, journal club, discussions of work in progress, interact with guest speakers, etc.

Who is invited: biostatisticians and biostatisticians in training; all other hyphenated-, unhyphenated- and soon-to-be-statisticians with interests in applied statistics.

Biostatistics Seminars - Fall 2020 will take place from 3:30 to 4:30 PM on WEDNESDAYS via ZOOM. (for Zoom links please click on the titles below) 


Date Speaker Title Recording
September 9, 2020 Simon Day (Clinical Trials Consulting & Training)

What Constitutes “Reliable Evidence”?
- Rare Diseases and Clinical Trials –


Access Passcode: 65*JqE^@

September 16, 2020 Stephen Stigler (The university of Chicago) A Fisher Lecture TALK

Access Passcode: $80DDD!7

September 23, 2020 No Seminar

Replaced by Research Day on September 25th

September 30, 2020 Anthony Unwin (Augsburg Understanding Potential Outliers using the O3 Plot


Access Passcode: MXVC?cE0


October 7, 2020 Joel Greenhouse (Carnegie Mellon University)

Proof in Medicine: The Role of Real World Evidence

TALK & Slides

Access Passcode:

October 14, 2020 Nicholas Jewell (Berkeley)

Cluster-Randomised Test Negative Designs: Inference and Application to Vector Trials to Eliminate Dengue


Access Passcode: 4%B1e=1j

October 21, 2020 Marie Davidian (North Carolina State University) Estimation of Optimal Treatment Regimes with Censored Time-to-Event Outcome: A Classification Perspective


Access Passcode: N36X=U7i

October 28, 2020 Bianca De Stavola (UCL-University College London)

Challenges in Emulating Target Trials


Access Passcode: pGGD??68

November 4, 2020 Raquel Prado (University of California Santa Cruz) Recent Model-Based Approaches for Analysis of Neuroimaging Data


Access Passcode: .wef%er6

November 11, 2020 Lorenzo Trippa (Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health) Design and Evaluation of an External Control Arm Using Prior Clinical Trials and Real-World Data


Access Passcode: y^2dbaJ.

November 18, 2020 Marina Vannucci (Rice University)

Dirichlet-Multinomial Regression Models with Bayesian Variable Selection for Microbiome Data


Access Passcode: jr.*V573

November 25, 2020 Margarita Moreno Betancur (University of Melbourne) Mediation Effects that Emulate a Target Randomized Trial: Evaluation of Ill-Defined Interventions on Multiple Mediators


Access Passcode: Qk87m?jb





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