Biostatistics Seminars - Winter 2018

Some of the purposes of these sessions are: to promote biostatistics and biostatistical methodology; serve as a learning opportunity for both students and faculty; foster communication, collaboration, professionalism, career development. The format will be varied: seminar presentations, journal club, discussions of work in progress, interact with visitors, etc.

Who is invited: biostatisticians and biostatisticians in training; all other hyphenated-, unhyphenated- and soon-to-be-statisticians with interests in applied statistics.

Biostatistics Seminars - Winter 2018 will take place from 3:30 to 4:30 PM on Tuesdays in Room 24 at Purvis Hall (unless otherwise stated).  JOINT SEMINAR ON FEB. 5 TO BE HELD AT THE McINTYRE MEDICAL BUILDING - Room 521

Date Speaker Title
January 23, 2018

Andrew J. Vickers


How Do We Know Whether A Predictive Model Is Of Clinical Value? A Discussion Of Some Simple Decision Analytic Methods
January 30, 2018 Ernest Lo Biostatistics Research At The Quebec Public Health Institute: In Search Of An Unbiased Life Expectancy Estimator For Regional Populations
MONDAY - February 5, 2018

Jeffrey W. Eaton

JOINT Epi/Bios Seminar

New Models And Data For Estimating HIV Epidemic Trends In Sub-Saharan Africa
February 13, 2018 Chien-Lin Su (Mark) The Accelerated Trend-Renewal Process for Recurrent Event Data
February 20, 2018 Mark Stinner Disclosure Control and Random Tabular Adjustment
February 27, 2018 Ting-Huei Chen A Conprehensive Statistical Framework For Building Polygenic Risk Prediction Models Based On Summary Statistics Of Genome-Wide Associate Studies
March 6, 2018 NO SEMINAR - READING WEEK - March 5-9, 2018
March 13, 2018 Martin Wolkewitz  Multi-State Approaches To Unmask And Repair Survival Biases In Epidemiology
March 20, 2018 Tianxi Cai - Harvard TH Chan-SPH Efficient Use of EHR for Biomedical Translational Research
March 27, 2018 TBC