Mickael Deroche

Academic title(s): 

Adjunct Professor in the Otolaryngology Dept

Research Director of the Hearing and Cognition Lab at Concordia’s Dept. of Psychology, Primary affiliation

Mickael Deroche
Contact Information
Email address: 
mickael.deroche [at] mcgill.ca

MA Eng., Ph.D.

Otolaryngology Cochlear Implant Research
Clinical Interests: 

Hearing loss and auditory prostheses, particularly cochlear implants

Language(s) spoken: 

Dr. Deroche is originally from France, coming from an engineering background with a strong interest in auditory perception, be it with music or speech. He obtained his PhD in Cardiff University studying cocktail-party situations and spent five years as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins, to document deficits in pitch sensitivity by cochlear implanted children and their ability to recognize prosody and vocal emotions in speech. In 2015, he moved to Montreal where he worked on several projects spanning auditory masking, emotion processing, sensorimotor integration, cognitive load and short-term memory in listeners with impoverished hearing as well as other populations of interest (musicianship, stuttering, Parkinson’s disease). As of 2019, he is appointed as Assistant Professor in the Psychology Department at Concordia University. His lab examines hearing and cognition. He is actively collaborating with members of the Otolaryngology Department in order to tie in research to the clinical expertise of the MUHC and build a cochlear implant research network.

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