Continuing Education




TBA Emergency Surgical Airway Course Dr. Nguyen R2
TBA Vascular Injuries Workshop Dr. Tewfik
June 16-17, 2022 North American Masterclass in Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Dr. Tewfik
TBA ARS Resident Sinus Dissection Course New Orleans, LA
TBA Annual AAO-HNS Meeting & OTO experience New Orleans, LA
TBA Airway Basics Course (R1) - (1/2 day only) Dr. Nguyen

September 26 – November 14, 2020

CSO-HNS Annual Meeting

A Virtual CPD Event

TBD Congrès de L'Association ORL du Québec MONTRÉAL, QC
TBD Advanced Airway Course Dr. Nguyen R 3
Nov. 25 Interdisciplinary Crisis Resource Management (IDCRM) Course (R4/R5 only) - (1 resident per 1/2 day) Dr. Nguyen
Jan. 6-11 R5 Review Course (held in Calgary from)  
Jan. 8 Interdisciplinary Crisis Resource Management (IDCRM) Course (R4/R5 only) - (1 resident per 1/2 day) Dr. Nguyen
TBD Temporal Bone Drilling course Dr. Mijovic and Dr. Duval
Feb.5 CaRMS interviews CONFIRMED Dr. Keith Richardson
Apr. 7-11, 2021 COSM No Grand Rounds
TBD Pediatric International and Schloss lectureship No Grand Rounds
TBD Michigan Temporal bone course University of Michigan
TBD Facial Plastic Cadaver Course 3 DAYS Dr. Samaha
TBD Resident Research Day Dr. Keith Richardson
TBD Annual Department Meeting Dr. Sadeghi
TBD Annual west coast sinus course  

ORL Emergencies Boot Camp for 1st year Residents

Virtual video Conference
TBD International pediatric course with swine open laryngotracheal surgery - London Ontario Dr. Nguyen
TBD Quebec Head and Neck Reconstruction & Hands-on Plating Course Dr. Alex Mlynarek
2021 cancelled

Annual McGill University Update in Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery  (Tremblant)

Dr. Kost and Dr. Rappaport
TBD McGill Head and Neck Fundraiser Dr. Sadeghi
TBD Mandibular and midface trauma and hands on platting Dr. Mlynarek
TBD Facial Plastics Course Dr. N. Fanous
TBD Quebec Resident Sinus Course FESS Dr. M. Tewfik
TBD Laryngology Course Dr. Kost
TBD Endoscopic Middle Ear Course Dr. Zeitouni
TBD Pediatric Airway Course  
TBD Orientation for residents on CBME CBME residents and Dr. Nguyen
TBD Trach Teaching session  
TBD Ethics / Communication Simulation Course  
TBD Interspecialty Crisis Resource Management Courses  
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