The Future of Graduate Education and Training in the Humanities

The Graduate Program in the Department of English has been organizing a series of "Town Hall" discussions about the future of graduate education and training in the Humanities.

The first discussion took place on Friday, November 7, 2014 in the Arts Council Room.
Listen to a recording of this important and lively discussion.

The plan is to give this discussion a focus or point of departure by having all participants read IPLAI’s “White Paper on the Future of the PhD in the Humanities.” The “White Paper” (along with information about the IPLAI project on the future of graduate education) can be found at:

During our wide-open departmental discussion, comments and responses will not focus solely on the "White Paper," but may also highlight pertinent issues that are not addressed by the "White Paper" in its current form.

Picking up from the series of discussions on the future of the humanities held last year, this town hall on the “White Paper” will begin with a panel of speakers—including graduate students, professors, and postdoctoral fellows—who will each briefly present their comments and questions. Then the floor will be open to discussion. The main goal of this event will not be to arrive at and implement specific policy decisions or program changes but simply to open up a stimulating, provocative conversation on "big picture" questions and important emerging issues facing graduate education across North America.

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