"Sita and Helen" on CBC Radio One

Published: 22 September 2023

MA student Shailee Rajak joins CBC Radio One's "All in a Weekend" this Sunday, September 24th, to discuss her recently published children's book Sita and Helen. Shailee and host Sonali Karnick will be talking about the book, its intercultural value, its foregrounding of a feminist perspective, and the importance of having it read by children of all backgrounds. 

More on Sita and Helen:

Sita and Helen. Two of mythology’s best-known ‘heroines’, famed for the epic wars fought over them in Lanka and Troy. There are endless accounts of how beautiful they were, what happened to them, and how their valiant husbands rescued them. But what do we really know of the women themselves? What did they think? How did they feel? Listen now to their own stories, in their own voices…

Shailee imaginatively constructs their hidden sides, filling in the gaps where there was silence before. Rich, detailed illustrations augment text and theme to re-present these stories with an alternative perspective for young people of today. (Tulika Books)

To hear their live discussion, tune in on Sunday, September 24th at 7:40 am EST. The interview can also be accessed later, after the segment airs.

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