The Revenger's Tragedy


Arts Building Moyse Hall, 853 rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montreal, QC, H3A 0G5, CA
$5 Students/Seniors $10 General Admission - Call 514 398 6070

McGill University Department of  English Drama and Theatre Program presents
The Revengers Tragedy 

by Thomas Middleton
Directed by Patrick Neilson

Daily at 7:30PM, November 21 to November 24
And November 29 to December 1

Thomas Middleton's The Revenger's Tragedy is a savagely funny black comedy that both celebrates and satirizes the dark and bloody revenge tragedies of the early 17th century. Set in an utterly corrupt and morally bankrupt Italian court, the play weaves together multiple strands of vengeance for the crimes of rape, murder, incest and adultery. 
Vindice, the hero, seeks private vengeance for the murder of his beautiful and beloved Gloriana by the corrupt and malicious Duke. With the aid of his brother Hippolito, Vindice disguises himself as the low-life panderer, Piato, and insinuates himself into the venal and decadent world of the court. But their plan of retribution goes quickly awry when the Duke's son, aptly named Lussurioso, hires him to seduce their own sister, the virginal and chaste Castiza. But the Duke's own family is riven with jealousy and bitter animosity. The bumbling stepsons, Ambitioso and Supervacuo, seek to unseat Lussurioso and each other. The Duchess seduces the Duke's bastard son Spurio, who hates everyone else including the Duchess. 
In pursuit of  their vendetta Vindice and Hippolito must frantically improvise and juggle disguises along the way to their hilariously gruesome hour of reckoning with the Duke. The final bloodbath is a comic echo of Hamlet. This fierce parody expresses a deep-seated anxiety about women's sexuality. Inverting the Jacobean custom of  boys playing women's parts, all roles in this production are played by females. Women speaking lines such as "wives are but made to bed and feed" lends an ironic piquancy to the 17th century text.
The vibrant cast includes Cece Grey (Vindice), Rebecca Babcock (Hippolito), Laura McEown (Castiza), Anna Gordon (Gratiana), Adriane Epprecht (Duke), Clare Olsen (Duchess), Sam Cooper (Lussurioso), Alex Tillotson (Ambitioso), Molly Young (Supervacuo), Vera Perry (Jr. Brother) and Rosie Addo (Spurio). 



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