2013 Dept. of English Undergraduate Honours Symposium


Thomson House Basement, 3650 rue McTavish, Montreal, QC, H3A 1Y2, CA

Featuring the following presentations:

Stephanie Adjemian, “Critical Structures: Daily Life, Elegy, and the Sonnet Form”
Suzanne Boswell, “How to Suppress Women’s Reproduction: Cyborgs and Posthumans in the Land of Feminist Science Fiction”
Jane Boyes, “The Ethics of Aestheticization in the Poetry of P.K. Page”
Vincent Calabrese, “The Poetry of William Blake and Developments in 20th c. Philosophy” Nick Cameron, “ ‘Don’t Look Away’: The Visuality and Violence of Cormac McCarthy’s Judge Holden and Anton Chigurh”
Christiana Collison, “The (Black) Man of Emotion: Frantz Fanon and the Existential Paradoxes 
of a Colonial Love”
Blair Elliott, “Welcome to ‘Bodymore, Murdaland’: Tourism, Investigation and Spectatorship in HBO’s The Wire
Aaron Golish, “Addressing and Undressing Nature: The Rhetoric of Plain Speech in King LearEmily Halpert Cole, “Donne Metamorphosed: Love, Death, and Change in the Poetry of John 
Marianne Halpert Cole, “Time for Romulus: Romulus in Ovid’s Fasti
Noah Hansen, “The Sea Which Will Permit No Records: Herman Melville and the American 
Memory Crisis”
Jerome Ramcharitar, “ ‘To Invent a Darkness’: The Speaker Transforms as the Unconscious Emerges in Gwendolyn MacEwen’s Poetry”
Matthew Rettino, “Guy Gavriel Kay’s Synthesis of the Historical Fantasy Novel”
Dane Stewart, “Montreal’s Drag Communities: A Verbatim Theatre Project”
Lizzy Ten-Hove, “Adsum: Seneca and the Supernatural on the Elizabethan Stage”
Gavin Thomson, “Mr. Gourmand and Other Stories”