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Centre d'action bénévole de Montréal

Le Centre d’action bénévole de Montréal (CABM) fait la promotion de l’action bénévole auprès de la population montréalaise et en renforce la pratique au sein des organismes de son territoire. Il soutient les services de Popotes roulantes et de Repas communautaires affiliés à son réseau. Pour voir les options de bénévolat visitez le site suivant.

2015, rue Drummond, bureau 300 (angle de Maisonneuve, Métro Peel)
Montréal, Québec H3G 1W7
Téléphone : 514.842.3351

POP Montreal

POP Montreal International Music Festival is an annual not-for-profit curated cultural event that champions independence in the arts by presenting emerging and celebrated artistic talents from around the world. Every year, volunteers lend their time, energy and support to help the festival come alive and rollout smoothly. Simply put, volunteers are the backbone of POP Montreal. Learn more here

The Canadian Advisory of Women Immigrants (CAWI)

The Canadian Advisory of Women Immigrants (CAWI) is a youth-led registered NPO in Canada dedicated to empowering immigrant women. Our current projects include CAWI Women Leaders: A Narrative (Video and storytelling series on 8 influential immigrant women across Canada), CAWI Pairing Program (A mentorship program for immigrant women), Borderlines of the Mind (CAWI's Podcast), CAWI Sexual Health Campaign (Research, Curriculum Development and Seminars), CAWI Sisterhood Project and Networking Initiatives.

Apply to volunteer with us/become an Executive Member, and we will provide you a letter of recommendation for the work you contribute towards the NPO.

For any other questions, please email hani.rq [at] cawicanada.com or visit us on Instagram: @Cawi.Ca , Website: www.cawicanada.com. Link to apply: https://forms.gle/AViVsKiLkfipy8y79

Festival International Nuits d'Afrique

Since 1987, every edition of Festival International Nuits d’Afrique has had its own particular charm and personality. At the forefront of artistic creativity, the Festival plumbs a vast pool of talent from here to Timbuktu, across great oceans to Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America. The festival wouldn't exist without the significant contribution of volunteers. Being a volunteer at the Festival International Nuits D'Afrique is to participate in the achievement of a major cultural event, share your skills, gain support from your mentors, have fun, and to receive recognition for your contribution. Click here to find out how to get involved!

Festival Musique de Chambre Montreal

Since its inception, the Festival Musique de Chambre Montreal has presented over 200 concerts for more than 100,000 spectators. Organizing the festival requires a lot of work from a great number of dedicated people. Click here for their contact information!

Montreal Ukranian Festival

A celebration of all things Ukrainian! Three days packed full of all that Ukrainians do best: singing, dancing, and food. To learn more, click here

Montreal Celtic Festival

Are you passionate about Celtic music and culture? Sign up to be a volunteer the Montreal International Celtic Festival here

Montreal Ska Festival

The MSF is 100% volunteer-run. They're always looking for volunteers to pitch in! Click here to find out more. 

Montreal Electronique Groove Festival

Whether we call it Montreal Electronique Groove, MEG Montreal or as Duchess Says’ members suggest « Montreal Electronique Grunge », the festival that discovers new talents in electronic music, hip-hop, pop, rock and many other genres since 1999 is back this summer to give The Main rhythm. Click here to learn more about volunteering at the festival. 

Just for Laughs

Just For Laughs has a very simple, 3-word mission statement: make people happy. Do you want to take part of the biggest humor event in Montreal? Click here to learn about joining the team. 

Other Events & Opportunities

Check out Volunteer Bureau of Montreal for more engagement opportunities. 

À la pointe du crayon

Le Centre d’Action Socio Communautaire de Montréal recherche des bénévoles pour son pro-gramme socio pédagogique (accompagnement d’aide aux travaux scolaires et d’activités socio-éducatives) auprès d'enfants âgés de 6 à 12 ans.
Engagement de 3 mois minimum et avoir plus de 16 ans.
Vous pourriez vous impliquer un après-midi par semaine de 15h45 à 17h45.
CONTACTEZ- NOUS AU : 514-842-8045


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