The purpose of the Experiential Learning Network (ELN) is to build a streamlined network to coordinate and/or promote:

  • EL opportunities for students
  • Communication among units and community partners
  • High-level training for faculty, staff, and students
  • Supporting resources for ELN efforts at McGill

As a grassroots network, we aspire to create a web presence to identify, connect, support, and celebrate existing experiential learning efforts.

The ELN also acts as a community liaison for McGill. It hosts events to build, share and learn among partners; and encourage new projects. Its purpose is also to encourage key members of the senior administrative team to issue a clear public statement about the value of such work as one element of McGill’s mission.

The ELN’s purpose is also to facilitate access to Experiential Learning resources for faculty, staff and students. It seeks to provide frameworks and support to Faculty for reflection activities (including identification of transferable skills) and learning outcomes; and curate and develop written resources to document and support ELN at McGill.

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