Lynn McAlpine

Academic title(s): 

Emerita Professor

Lynn McAlpine
Contact Information
Email address: 
lynn.mcalpine [at]
Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology

Ed.D., University of Toronto
M.A., Concordia University
Dip.Ed., McGill University
B.A., McGill University

Research areas: 
Doctoral and Research Education
Development of Academic Careers
Current research: 

My research interest in PhD career decision-making has evolved over time. My early research in this area followed scientists and social scientists for up to seven years as they navigated their careers and personal lives during and after finishing the PhD. Seeing how many did not remain in the academy has led me more recently to studying post-PhD careers outside the academy. Recently, my particular interest focus has been how they navigate their own desires amidst global trends for highly skilled workers, national policy regimes and institutional affordances and constraints.

Research Project: Doc Work: Beyond the PhD -Careers in and out of academia

Graduate supervision: 

Dr. McAlpine does not supervise new students.

Selected publications: 

Recent publications

Peer-reviewed papers

McAlpine, L., Skakni, I., & Inouye, K. (2021). PhD non-traditional careers: Integrating individual and structural factors for a richer account. European Journal of Higher Education.

Skakni, I., Inouye, K., & McAlpine, L. (2021). PhD holders entering non-academic workplaces: Organisational culture shock. Studies in Higher Education.

McAlpine, L., Castelló, M., & Pyhältö, K. (2020). What influences PhD graduate trajectories during the degree: A research-based policy agenda. Higher Education.

McAlpine, L. (2020). What are postdocs? Drivers, purposes and outcomes. Higher Education in Russia and Beyond. 2 (23),

McAlpine, L., Skakni, I., & Pyhältö, K. (2020). PhD experience (and progress) is more than work: Life-work relations and reducing exhaustion. Studies in Higher Education.

McAlpine, L. (2020). Success? Learning to navigate the grant funding genre system. Journal of Research Administration. LI, 1.

Skakni, I., del Carmen Calatrava Moreno, M., & Corcelles Seuba, M. & McAlpine, L. (2019). Hanging tough: Post-PhD researchers dealing with career uncertainty. Higher Education Research and Development. 38 (7), 1489-1503.

McAlpine, L., & Austin, N. (2018). Humanities PhD graduates: Desperately seeking careers? Canadian Journal of Higher Education. 48 (2), 1-19.

McAlpine, L., Pyhältö, K., & Castelló, M. (2018). Building a more robust conception of early career researcher experience: What might we be overlooking? Studies in Continuing Education. 40 (2), 149-165.

Recent books

McAlpine, L., & Amundsen, C. (2018). Identity-trajectories: Ways of understanding post-PhD career choices. Basingstoke: Palgrave MacMillan.

McAlpine, L., & Amundsen, C. (2016). Researcher development and career trajectories: Career planning, intention and decision-making. Basingstoke: Palgrave Pivot.

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