Mini-EdPsych 2009 Lecture Series

**Please note, the Mini-EdPysch Lecture Series will not be running this year, 2010/2011. The Series will start up again in 2012.**

2009 Schedule, Speakers' Biographies and Q&A

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April 23 Literacy:
The future of teaching the world to read

Dr. Robert Savage explores new ideas and research related to teaching children to read.

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Dr. Robert Savage (biography)
April 30 Coping:
Managing the apparently unmanageable

Dr. Nathan Smith shares his expertise on dealing with life's stresses, both big and small.

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Dr. Nathan Smith (biography)
May 7 Transitions:
Opening doors for a lifetime

Dr. Tara Flanagan separates fact from fiction when it comes to autism.

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Dr. Tara Flanagan (biography)
May 14 Teaching:
Theatre or Science?

Dr. Alenoush Saroyan discusses cutting-edge methods for making teaching both effective and engaging.

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Dr. Alenoush Saroyan (biography)
May 21 Resilience:
Success against all odds

Dr. Steven Shaw examines why some at-risk children manage to succeed in school against all odds.

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Dr. Steven R. Shaw (biography)
May 28 Giftedness:
Linking inquiry, development, and expertise

Dr. Bruce Shore delves into the minds of gifted children, analyzing what makes them unique as students.
Dr. Bruce M. Shore (biography)
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