14 Dec 2023
Healing Broken Bonds - A DCTCT podcast series

How does trauma impact a person and their relationships? How does trauma impact our capacity to connect, feel close, safe, and love and be loved?

28 Jul 2023

Venez nous rejoindre pour un atelier gratuit sur un programme de thérapie de groupe de dix semaines offert en ligne pour les couples  avec des expériences de trauma complexe et en détresse relationellee basé sur la Thérapie de couple développement

26 Jul 2023

Join us for a free workshop about a ten-week group therapy program for couples struggling with complex trauma and relationship distress based on the Developmental Couple Therapy for Complex Trauma (DCTCT) model.

20 Dec 2021

In her article for The Conversation Canada, Dr.

CRCF Illuminates

The latest issue from the McGill Centre for Research on Children and Families features Dr. Heather B. MacIntosh’s work on the Developmental Couple Therapy for Complex Trauma Virtual Group. In the article, a brief overview of the project financed by the Fonds d'aide aux victimes d'actes criminels (FAVAC) and how it will help couples who have experienced trauma in a virtual format.

Read the issue here!

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