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Setouch le Setouch: Investigating Ethiopian and South African Women’s Leadership Beliefs and Actions

The purpose of this research is to use collaborative inquiry (Bray, Lee, Smith & Yorks, 2000) as a methodology to investigate how Ethiopian and South African women envision and enact leadership in their communities. The approach is a learning community titled the Setouch le Setouch (Women to Women) forum.

The goal is to empower leadership capacity among women connected to the ATVET system. Presently, women are vastly under-represented in teaching and management positions at all ATVETs in Ethiopia. Women occupy less than 5% of the senior leadership and teaching positions in any of the ATVETs.  Currently, each ATVET is developing a strategic plan that has targets related to supporting female students, women instructors, and mainstreaming gender across the curriculum, but much is left to do. 

A key area in each ATVET’s gender strategy is to address the engagement, mobilization and retention of female leaders within the colleges. This area includes addressing the structural and cultural barriers to equitable treatment and involvement of women. Through participation in the Setouch le Setouch (Women to Women) forum ATVET female instructors, students and administrators will be empowered to reach their full potential and directly contribute to the success of each ATVET through community outreach.

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