Agricultural Training Through Stronger Vocational Education (ATTSVE)

Agricultural Transformation Through Stronger Vocational EducationThe project aims to help move Ethiopia towards a market-focused agricultural system better poised to support the country economically, while meeting the needs of both male and female farmers and youth, and the agriculture industry.

Agriculture forms the base of the East African country’s economy. The most populous landlocked country in the world, Ethiopia’s 88 million inhabitants rely on agriculture for 80% of their total employment and 84% of their exports, while agriculture accounts for only half of their gross domestic product. Soil degradation, overgrazing, deforestation and poor infrastructure are contributing factors.

McGill’s Faculty of Education and the Institute of Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies have joined the lead partner, Dalhousie University, to embark on a 6-year, $18 million project to help Ethiopia enhance their colleges’ Agricultural Technical and Vocational Education Training (ATVET) programs. Key to McGill’s involvement in the project will be to foster and support gender equality, diversity and inclusiveness.

Equity and diversity will be addressed through a participatory approach to gender mainstreaming, including the establishment of Gender Offices, with trained personnel, in the four participating ATVETs at Maichew, Nejo, Woreta and Wolaita Soddo, and through training targeting ATVET administration, instructors and technical staff. In addition a Gender and Leadership Community of Practice will be established.

ATTSVE activities led by McGill:

• Establishing an Ethiopian-based Gender and Leadership Community of Practice
• Training courses in Ethiopia and at McGill for ATVET instructors on Gender Mainstreaming and on Women and Leadership
• Training courses at McGill for ATVET instructors in Language and Academic Literacy
• Funded research opportunities for McGill graduate students to carry out studies in Ethiopia in areas related to academic literacy, gender mainstreaming, women and leadership, campus based issues of safety and security, addressing issues of Landless Youth, participatory visual research, and food security

The initiative will include teaching opportunities for graduate students and faculty members.

Project Manager at McGill
Claudia Mitchell
(514) 398-4527 Ext. 09990
claudia.mitchell [at]



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