Prospective Students - Certificate in Middle School, Indigenous Communities

Program Description

This 30-credit program focuses on developing the particular skills and abilities required of the Indigenous teacher in the middle school of his/her community. It does not lead to provincial certification. Rather, it prepares Indigenous teachers, who are bilingual or have some knowledge of their Indigenous language and who have already established themselves as teachers, to teach students at this level in ways that are developmentally and culturally appropriate. The program focuses on the particular psychological, emotional, and social needs of Indigenous adolescents and the teacher's role in facilitating the transition between elementary and high school.

This certificate may be taken concurrently and completed within the Bachelor of Education for Certified Teachers program if the requirements for the B.Ed. are fulfilled.

More information about the Certificate in Middle School Education in Indigenous Communities program (program requirements, a full list of courses and course descriptions) can be found below.

Certificate (Cert.) Middle School Education in Indigenous Communities (30 Credits)

Admission Information

This program is offered through community partners - there is no direct admission. For more information about partners and how to create a partnership with McGill First Nations and Inuit Education, see our Partners website.

Course Delivery Method

The Office of First Nations and Inuit Education works collaboratively to structure the course delivery method with the Partner. The sequence of courses, the location, the dates are all decided together- McGill and the Partner. The programs are customized to meet the McGill requirements as well as the Partner’s needs. Examples of course delivery methods include; face to face courses, blended courses using technology for follow up and support, community based as well as courses offered on McGill campus. The uniqueness of the course delivery method is the attentiveness that is paid to the students’ learning and well-being.

Contact Information

Stephen Peters
Director, Office of First Nations and Inuit Education
Tel.: (514) 398-4527 Ext. 00859 [at] (Email)

Jim Howden
Assistant Director, Office of First Nations & Inuit Education
Tel.: (514) 398-4527 Ext. 09855 [at] (Email)

Program information is organized for two distinct groups:

Prospective Students   Currently Registered

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