Social Cultural Computational Psychiatry and Neuroscience Network Workshops

November 3-8, 2019


Introduction to the McGill-FPR Culture, Mind & Brain Program - Laurence Kirmayer

Toward a Social-Cultural Computational Psychiatry: Challenges and Prospects - Maxwell Ramstead

Emotion Cognition Interactions as Deep Active Inference - Ryan Smith

Deeply Felt Affect: Understanding Emotions Through Deep Active Inference - Casper Hesp

Dynamic Causal Modelling: Tutorial and First Results for Multi-Brain Data - Edda Bilek

Expanding Outcome Measures in Schizophrenia Research: Does RDoC Pose a Threat? - Phoebe Friesen

I Interact Therefore I Am - Dimitris Bolis

Neural Coupling During Cooperation as a Biomarker for Human Social Contact - Edda Bilek

Open Science: From Open Knowledge to Open Washing - Guillaume Dumas

H4, Hyperscanning: History, Hypes and Hopes - Guillaume Dumas

Modeling Task Behavior with Active Inference — Ryan Smith


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