Culture, Mind and Brain Program

The Culture, Mind, and Brain Program brings together McGill Faculty, post-doctoral fellows, graduate students, and international researchers working at the intersection of brain, cognitive and social sciences to explore the complex biological, psychological, and social processes that underpin brain function, cognitive development, mental health, treatment, recovery, and prevention. The program includes researchers engaged in social and cultural neuroscience, critical neuroscience, and the philosophy of psychiatry.

The CMB program is hosted by the Division of Social and Transcultural Psychiatry and supported by the McGill Healthy Brains for Health Lives initiative. The program was established with generous support from the Foundation for Psychocultural Research.

The CMB program aims to conduct research and training activities that foster collaboration between social scientists and neuroscientists through seminars, focused workshops and international exchange of students and faculty, and support interdisciplinary research projects that will contribute to the four core themes of HBHL: neuroinformatics, neuroplasticity, neurodegenerative disease, population neuroscience and brain health, as well as the ethics and politics of open science.

The Program also provides a unique training environment through workshops and an ongoing seminar designed to equip neuroscience students and researchers within the HBHL program with the tools to (i) design multidisciplinary methodologies and conceptual models that integrate social, ethical and cultural context into questions of data collection, brain structure, function and development; (ii) analyze the potentials and limits of brain data for health and social policy; (iii) critically assess scientific research, health literature and popular news items about the brain and develop the skills to effectively communicate neuroscientific findings and accurately translate knowledge into forms that that are accessible to the general public.

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