Culture, Mind & Brain Seminar Series

Culture, Mind & Brain is a new seminar series, hosted by the Culture, Mind & Brain Program of the Division of Social & Transcultural Psychiatry and the Healthy Brains Healthy Lives Initiative. The goal is for students and researchers of neuroscience, psychiatry, anthropology and other areas related to mental health to discuss bodies of research and work in progress (experimental and theoretical) that relate to neuroscience and society, and mind, brain and culture. We will discuss topics such as how to design multidisciplinary methodologies that integrate social, ethical and cultural contexts into experimental studies of brain structure, function and development; we will analyze the potentials and limits of brain data for health and social policy; and critically assess translations of brain data into popular science pieces. 

For more information, please e-mail samuel.veissiere [at] (Professor Samuel Veissière).


TITLE: "Psychedelic Therapy as Form of Life

PRESENTER: Nicolas Langlitz, M.D., Ph.D.

DATE: February 15, 2024

TIME: 3:00 - 5:00pm EST

In-person location: Ludmer 138
Registration required for remote attendance 


Date Speaker Title
February 15 Nicolas Langlitz, M.D., Ph.D. Psychedelic Therapy as Form of Life
January 18 Ira Helderman, Ph.D., L.P.C The DSM, Meditation Sickness, and other “Religious or Spiritual Problems”


Date Speaker Title
March 16 Junko Kitanaka, PhD Against new healthism: the rise of Tojisha movement and the debates around the prevention of dementia in Japan
February 16 Ivan Kroupin, PhD From rich(er) to lean(er) systems: towards a formal theory of cultural-cognitive variation across history and geography


Date Speaker Title
April 14 Peter Sterling, PhD What is Health? Allostasis and the Evolution of Human Design
March 10 Roy Richard Grinker, PhD Nobody´s Normal: How Culture Created the Stigma of Mental Illness
March 3 Kathryn Tabb, PhD Psychiatry and the Epistemology and Ethics of Precision
February 10 Somogy Varga, PhD & Asbjørn Steglich-Petersen, PhD Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Recalcitrant Emotion: Relocating the Seat of Irrationality
January 20 Marga Vicedo, PhD Experience as expertise: Clara Park’s call for valuing a mother’s knowledge in understanding autism


Date Speaker Title
November 11 Igor Grossmann, PhD Folk epistemology of (ir)rationality
March 18 Tara Mahfoud, PhD Visions of unification and integration: Building brains and communities in the European Human Brain Project
March 11 Samuel Veissière, PhD Internet Sociality
January 21 Daniel D. Hutto, BA, MPhil, DPhil Enculturated Minds and Brains: Questioning a Familiar Philosophical Picture
January 7 Dietrich Stout, PhD Culture, Mind, and Brain in Human Evolution: An Extended Evolutionary Perspective on Paleolithic Toolmaking as Embodied Practice


Date Speaker Title
November 5 Georg Northoff, MD, PhD Cultural similarity and differences between selves and brains: a novel approach
October 29 Shinobu Kitayama, PhD Mutual Constitution of Culture and the Mind: Insights from Cultural Neuroscience
October 1 Carol M. Worthman, PhD Being There: Human Ecology, Diversity, and the Vicissitudes of Empathy
September 24 Laurence Kirmayer, MD Co-constructing Culture, Mind, and Brain
January 23 Kenneth J. Zucker, PhD, CPsych Children and Adolescents with Gender Dysphoria: Some Contemporary Research and Clinical Issues


Date Speaker Title
November 28 Suze Berkhout, MD, PhD, FRCPC Grappling with Cure/Harm: Feminist STS, Critical Disability Studies Meets Placebo and Nocebo Studies
November 7 David Dupuis, PhD The Socialization of Hallucinations: Cultural Priors, Social Interactions and Contextual Factors in the use of Ayahuasca
April 25 Laura Otis, PhD The Insidious Work of Emotion Metaphors
March 28 Jacqueline Sullivan, PhD Coordinating Scientific Perspectives in Experimental Contexts: Lessons from Translational Cognitive Neuroscience and the RDOC Project
March 14 Dietrich Stout, PhD Human Evolutionary Neuroscience: Life in the Technological Niche
February 28 Rob Boddice, MA, PhD, FRHistS Biocultural History and the Turn to Experience
January 31 Bican Polat, Ph.D. Cerebralizing Attachment: How Have Parent-Child Relationships Come to be Explained as Brain Facts?


Date Speaker Title
December 6 Elizabeth Pienkos, Psy.D. Existential Orientations and Schizophrenia: Personhood, Pathology, and Culture
October 25 Dr. Jesse Proudfoot Traumatic Landscapes: Two Geographies of Addiction
August 9 Professor Maria Kozhevnikov The Effect of Vajrayana Buddhism on Enhancing Human Cognition
May 4 Professor Fernando Vidal Phenomenology of the Locked-in Syndrome
March 15 Dr. Ana Gómez-Carrillo Operationalizing Multi-level Loops in Affective Disorders
February 15 Professor Samuel Veissière & Moriah Stendel Hypernatural Monitoring: A Social Rehearsal Account of Smartphone Addiction
February 8 Michael Lifshitz Suggestion as a mechanism in contemplative practice
January 25 Jay Olson, PhD Candidate Placebo machines, the culture of neuroscience, and the power of suggestion
January 11 Maxwell Ramstead & Vincent Laliberté How Can the Social Sciences Contribute to the Neurosciences?
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