Culture, MInd & Brain Seminar Series

Culture, Mind and Brain Seminar Series

Culture, Mind & Brain is a new seminar series, hosted by the Culture, Mind & Brain Program of the Division of Social & Transcultural Psychiatry and the Healthy Brains Healthy Lives Initiative. The goal is for students and researchers of neuroscience, psychiatry, anthropology and other areas related to mental health to discuss bodies of research and work in progress (experimental and theoretical) that relate to neuroscience and society, and mind, brain and culture. We will discuss topics such as how to design multidisciplinary methodologies that integrate social, ethical and cultural contexts into experimental studies of brain structure, function and development; we will analyze the potentials and limits of brain data for health and social policy; and critically assess translations of brain data into popular science pieces. 

TITLE: Phenomenology of the Locked-in Syndrome

PRESENTERS: Professor Fernando Vidal

DATE: May 4, 2018

TIME: 2:00 - 3:30pm

LOCATION: Ludmer Building Classroom 3

For more information, please e-mail suparna.choudhury [at] (Dr. Suparna Choudhury).


March 15, 2018


February 15, 2018


February 8, 2018

TITLE: Suggestion as a mechanism in contemplative practice

PRESENTER: Michael Lifshitz



January 25, 2018

TITLE: Placebo machines, the culture of neuroscience, and the power of suggestion




January 11, 2018

TITLE: How Can the Social Sciences Contribute to the Neurosciences?

PRESENTERS: Maxwell Ramstead & Vincent Laliberté