• This is an Annotated bibliography of "Cultural Psychiatry and related topics", collected by Francis G. Lu, M.D.
  • This bibliographic database contains over 850 titles. It has been initiated by RIVO (Réseau d'Intervention auprès des personnes ayant subi la Violence Organisée email: info [at]
  • You can also browse our International Transcultural Mental Health (ITMH) site for further resources.
  • Here is a list of names and contacts for researchers and clinicians interested in Transcultural Mental Health theory and practice.
  • You may also be interested in joining our electronic discussion group, TCPSYCH, where you can ask your questions or discuss opinions. Find more information about this list here.
  • Here is a useful collection of resources, prepared by the ATMHN (the Australian Transcultural Mental Health Network) team at Melbourne University in Australia.
  • Here are some research measures and instruments available online:
  • You can access a collection of free online medical journals through this site.
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