Jenna Haverfield

I am an Australian born and educated, internationally trained, postdoctoral research fellow based in the Ryan lab at the Research Institute, McGill University Health Centre. I earned my PhD from Monash University in Melbourne, and I have a strong track-record of publishing a diverse research portfolio in both male and female reproduction. Throughout my scientific career, I have attracted competitive national and international funding, including Postdoctoral Fellowships from the CIHR and The Lalor Foundation and a PhD scholarship from the Australian Government. I am also an avid science communicator, and have received several research communication awards, including the Best Oral Presentation at Annual Meetings for the leading Reproductive Biology Societies in the USA (SSR) and UK (SRF), and Québec (RQR).

I am very passionate about representing and mentoring the next-generation of scientists; I am a past Trainee Representative to the Board of Directors of the SSR, past President of the Student Society at Monash University and past Student Representative on the Australian Society for Reproductive Biology. I believe that finding a good mentor is instrumental for success in science. I am very fortunate to have had exceptional mentors throughout my career who have provided me with the necessary support and guidance to help get me where I am today. I want to give back and share my knowledge and experiences, by providing excellent mentorship to undergraduate and graduate students on a wide variety of topics to help guide them towards achieving their short- and long-term career goals. 

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