Links to Homelessness Research

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(1) Creating Research Impact - How we Make Homelessness Research Matter (Stephen Gaetz). Available here.

(2) Homelessness in a Growth Economy: Canada's 21st Century Paradox. Available here.

(3) Homelessness in Canada: Past, Present, Future. Available here.

(4) Sustainable Supports for Adult Males: Effective Employment Models to End Homelessness. Available here.

(5) Achieving Better Health for the Homeless. Available here.

(6) Getting Ready to Teach Homelessness. Available here.

(7) Hidden Homelessness: An Indicator-Based Approach for Examining the Geographies of Recent Immigrants At-Risk of Homelessness in Greater Vancouver (Rob Fiedler, Nadine Schuurman, & Jennifer Hyndman).
Available here.

(8)  Effective, Just and Humane:  A Case for Client-Centered Collaboration.
Available here.


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