Health economics and social determinants of health (HE-SDOH): A framework for understanding socioeconomics and quality of life outcomes among children with neurodisabilities and their caregivers

Principal Investigator: Lucyna Lach
Co-Principal Investigators: David Nicholas, Jennifer Zwicker
Co-Investigators: R. Arim, H. Emery, N. Fayed, D. Kohen, G. Ronen, D. Rothwell
Funding Source: Kid's Brain Health (formerly NeuroDevNet), Industry Canada
Period: 2015-2018

Objectives of this project are: 1) to use population and clinical data as well as focus groups to describe the unmet needs of Canadian children with neurodisabilities (ND) and their families; 2) to develop capacity to understand the socioeconomic impact of interventions for children with ND and 3) to lay the groundwork for developing better navigation and support systems. 



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