Vandna Sinha

Vandna Sinha, Assistant ProfessorVandna is an Assistant Professor in the School of Social Work at McGill University. Her research focuses on the impact of social policies on children's access to services, and on the abilities of marginalized families and communities to care for children.  Many of her current projects focus on understanding service disparities and the barriers to provision of appropriate services for First Nations children in Canada.  Vandna has a PhD in Human Development in Social Policy from Northwestern University.  She takes a mixed methods interdisciplinary, and community engaged approach to exploring questions that are of interest to child welfare, health, social service, and child/youth advocacy organizations. This approach prioritizes:

  • Information sharing, collective learning, and the development of shared understanding amongst project partners,
  • Participatory data analysis and interpretation,
  • Sociohistorical contextualization of research findings, and
  • Direct dissemination of research results to stakeholders.

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Current CRCF projects include:

Please visit the Children's Services Policy Research Group for additional information.

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