Guide: Add readings to myCourses

You can link directly from your course to millions of articles, book chapters and databases accessed through the Library or, if no electronic version is available, it's easy to scan and upload book chapters or journal articles!

Does the Library have an electronic version of the reading?


Check the Library catalogue for the desired reading. Do you see one of these buttons?

E-resource access buttons

If so, you have access to an e-version → Go to step 2

No e-version → Go to step 3

Link to the reading in my Courses


 Looking for the link? Find your e-book or article in the Library catalogue, click on the Share icon on the upper righthand side, then copy and paste the permalink into myCourses.

Three text buttons from library catalogue are shown. From left to right they read Cite, Share, Save. The Share button is circled.

Not sure how to create a link in myCourses? Check out these instructions.

No e-version? You can scan and upload


Tip: Need instructions on how to upload a file to myCourses? Click hereYou can generally upload the following amounts without additional payment or permission:

  • 20% of a work
  • 1 entire chapter of a book (as long as it does not total more than 20% of the book)
  • 1 entire article from a journal


If you use your own scan, please register for a Savia account and report your scanned readings. Follow these Optical Character Recognition (OCR) instructions to ensure that your scanned documents are accessible to students using screen readers. Alternatively, you can request a scan from the Library's course readings service - if you use this service we will take care of the reporting for you. 


Need more than the above limits? No problem!



Report your readings on Savia or use the Library's course readings service and the Library will seek permissions and, if granted, make any necessary payments for you!

Questions? Need some help? Please contact copyright.library [at]

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