COGS Research Project Approval Form

Fill out this form to request approval of your Cognitive Science research project: COGS Research Project Form.  

Summer 2024 Deadline: Sunday April 28, 2024 at 11:59pm EST

(The Fall 2024 form will open late May and the deadline to submit requests will be Friday August 30, 2024)

The Approval Process

  1. Submit a webform with the following project information. You should review these with the supervisor prior to submitting the form. 
    1. Timeline
      • COGS 401/444 can be completed as a spanned project across two terms (most common is Fall-Winter), or as 6 credit one term project completed in a single semester (Fall, Winter, or Summer).  
    2. Project Title
    3. Project Description
      • Must contain a clear indication of how the proposed project relates to cognitive science (100 - 200 words suggested).
    4. Student Activities
    5. Remote Project Contingency
    6. Method of Evaluation
      • Evaluation of the research project should be based on the typical evaluation of research projects in the supervisor’s home department.
      • For research projects in the Faculty of Science, a typical evaluation is as follows:
        Proposal abstract: 5%;
        Progress abstract: 5%;
        Final report**: 50%;
        Laboratory Performance: 40%.
        **For COGS 396 the final report must be at least 50%
    7. Ethics approval status
  2. Your webform submission will generate two approval requests:
    1. Your project Supervisor (will receive an approval email at the address you specify on the form)
    2. The COGS research Course Coordinator
  3. When both approvals have been given, you will receive an email notification, and your eligibility for the COGS course will be verified.
  4. If you are eligible, registration permission will be issued and you will receive instructions to register by email.
  5. You will add the COGS course on Minerva.

The COGS Research Project Form must be filled out by the student completing the project, and the project supervisor must be using an email address.

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