Interested in pursuing the B.A. & Sc. in Cognitive Science?  


Undergraduate Admissions

Undergraduate applications to the Bachelor of Arts and Science degree are handled by the Admissions Office in Enrolment Services, the academic departments are not involved in this process.  Detailed information on the degrees and programs that you can apply to and the application process can be found on the Undergraduate Admissions website. 

The main point of contact for applicants is the Service Point office, where they will be able to answer your questions about the application process, program requirements, decision timelines, etc.


Program Eligibility and Choosing Your Program

In order to eventually declare the Interfaculty or Honours Cognitive Science program, an applicant must first apply and be admitted to the Bachelor of Arts and Science degree (B.A. & Sc.).  Students admitted to the B.A. & Sc. will later be able to choose from any of the programs offered in this degree program.

It is important to review the admission requirements and eligibility for this degree carefully.  This degree is not open for university transfer or second degree applicants. Please consult the transfer and second degree requirements for a complete list of eligible programs.


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