McGill Infant Mental Health

The McGill Infant Mental Health Committee was formed in 1990. Its mandate is the sharing of information, expertise and knowledge among the various community organizations and hospitals of the McGill network serving the 0-5 population.

Meetings are held monthly throughout the year where innovative clinical programs and current research in the field is reviewed. Members of the committee represent the members of the Division as well as partners from Réseau universitaire intégré de santé (RUIS) and Batshaw Youth and Family Services.

The committee members are composed of:

  • Joyce Canfield, MD (MCH/MUHC)
  • Donna Casa-Martin, B.Sc.(Ed) (Private Practice)
  • Suzanne Dongier, MD (Douglas Institute)
  • Jae-Marie Ferdinand, MD (Batshaw/MCH/MUHC)
  • Julia Grunberg, M.Ed (CSSS-Cavendish)
  • Michèle Larose, MD (MCH/MUHC)
  • Joyce Loomer, MSW (Chair) (Douglas Institute)
  • Nisrine Masrouha, MD (Douglas Institute)  
  • Ashley Wazana, MD (JGH)

An annual conference is held to present topics of interest and recent research to the mentasl health community that serves the needs of this young populaion and their families. The conference is of interest to general medical practitioners, paediatricians, nurses, social workers, educators/psycho-educators, occupational and speech therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists working with infants and very young children.

Next year the 26th Annual Infant Conference will be held on (Date and Location to come). The complete program will soon be available.