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"Improving Hospital Efficiency: A Process Model of Organizational Change Commitments," Medical Care Research and Review

Authors: Nigam, Amit; Huising, Ruthanne; Golden, Brian R. Publication: Medical Care Research and Review, 2014  Abstract: 

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Published on : 12 Feb 2014

Northern Approaches

In many ways, Canada, the world’s second biggest country by area, is a global leader in the effective use of technology in its public health system. Almost all X-rays, MRIs, CTs and other imaging tests in its hospitals are now filmless, which equates to adding the equivalent of up to 500 radiologists and 11 million more exams annually.

Published on : 18 Nov 2013

Managing the myths of health care

Author: Henry Mintzberg Abstract: Myths impede the effective management of health care, for example that the system is failing (indeed, that is a system), and can be fixed by detached social engineering and heroic leadership, or treating it more like a business. This field needs to reframe its management, as distributed beyond the “top”; its strategy as venturing, not planning; its organizing as collaboration beyond control, and especially itself, as a system beyond its parts.

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Published on : 08 Nov 2012