Samer Faraj, Professor of Strategy & Organization, named a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada

Published: 6 September 2023

Professor Samer Faraj has been named a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada’s Academy of Social Sciences. This honour is conferred upon Professor Faraj in recognition of his outstanding research...

It’s strange, we have long-term focus in some policy areas but not others | Financial Post

Published: 4 January 2023

January 4 2023 | Professor Christopher Ragan, Director of the Max Bell School of Public Policy shares his thoughts on the state the of the Canadian economy and the health care crisis as it stands...

Delve: How Collaborative, Open-Minded Management Could Heal Healthcare

Published: 18 August 2022

Walk into any hospital and you’ll witness a complex, multi-level system of personnel in action, interacting with each other, with patients, and with high-tech equipment around the clock. Healthcare...

Anglais Santé Symposium 2022

Friday, February 18, 2022 09:30to13:00

/continuingstudiesCategory: School of Continuing Studies

Delve: What Robotic Surgery Reveals About Organizational Change

Published: 27 January 2022

At first the operating room appears to be missing its surgeon—in the surgeon’s place, a robot, surgical tools at the ready, towers over the patient. Surgical robotic technology is specialized in...

Professor Francesco Amodio on Health-Care Staff Shortages

Published: 11 January 2022

Professor Francesco Amodio of ISID has penned an op/ed piece in the Montreal Gazette, discussing how the shortage of health care workers has not prompted the Quebec government to implement policies...

McGill to partner with CCRM in commercializing regenerative medicine

Published: 10 March 2021

McGill University announced today it has concluded an agreement with the Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine (CCRM) to provide McGill-based startup companies with the benefit of...

Leadership in Healthcare

Thursday, March 28, 2019

A cross-disciplinary approach to leading in the health sector...


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