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Published on: 26 Jan 2021

Congratulations to Professor Katherine Lemons for winning the Honorable Mention for her book, Divorcing Traditions: Islamic Law and the Making of Indian Secularism (Cornell University Press 2019) from the Association for Political and Legal Anthropology (APLA) Book Prize in Critical Anthropology, 2020.

Published on: 26 Nov 2020

Check out the Courses page for updated course descriptions and syllabi for the Anthropology courses you can take in Fall 2020!

Published on: 20 Aug 2020

The 2020 J. I. Staley Prize book award prize is awarded to Lisa Stevenson for her 2014 book, Life Beside Itself: Imagining Care in the Canadian Arctic. Lisa Stevenson is an associate professor in the Department of Anthropology at McGill University, where she teaches courses on medical and psychological anthropology, narrative and anthropology, violence and subjectivity, social and political theory, ethnographic film, the Inuit, and the Canadian Arctic. She received a Ph.D. in anthropology from the University of California, Berkeley (2005).

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Published on: 10 Mar 2020

With the retirement of Connie DiGiuseppe in late 2019 as Area Manager for Student Affairs, the administrative centre of History and Classical Studies, Sociology, Anthropology and Jewish Studies says a farewell to a superb and beloved administrator. In her 31 years at McGill, Connie DiGiuseppe worked for the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the Student Affairs Area, the Department of Linguistics, the Department of Anthropology, and eventually for the administrative centre of four departments.

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Published on: 22 Jan 2020

The Faculty of Law is pleased to congratulate Professor Ronald Niezen on his appointment as 2018-2019 William Lyon Mackenzie King Chair of Canadian Studies at the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs at Harvard University. During his one-year leave from McGill, Professor Niezen will continue his research on the popular communication of human rights claims, while teaching courses in the Department of Anthropology on The Anthropology of Law and on Indigeneity, Rights, and Identity.

Published on: 24 Jul 2018

The McGill Law & Society Workshop Series invites scholars, graduate students and postdocs in law, the social sciences, and the humanities to present works-in-progress broadly falling within the field of law and society.

We seek papers that use qualitative, quantitative, or interpretivist methods to explore the complex relationship between legal phenomena and social, political, and economic interactions, institutions, and processes. Our interest in socio-legal research extends to state, non-state, formal, and informal norms, institutions, and processes.

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Published on: 20 Sep 2017


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