Winter term: Professional Development Seminar Winter 2021 ANTH 609 with Prof Sandra Hyde


Published: 26Jan2021

Time: Select Mondays Livestream on Zoom from 12:35-1:35 pm on zoom Office hours: Wednesdays 2-4pm or by email request Email: sandra.hyde [at] Please kindly contact during working hours.

The professional seminar is a required year-long course for all incoming graduate students in the Department of Anthropology. The course aims to orient students in socialcultural anthropology as a discipline, vocation, and intellectual community. To this end, it will provide practical advice on the disciplinary norms that shape professional academic life. Over the course of the year, faculty and visiting lecturers will facilitate discussions on crucial dimensions of academic professionalization and institutional life: research, writing, funding, proposals, publishing, fieldwork, ethics, advising, and teaching, among others. Students are expected to attend all seminars. The course is not graded, and there are no formal written assignments. The suggested readings are optional and will be made available through MyCourses. They are not required for participation in the seminar, but are intended to deepen critical awareness of the topics covered. The texts, which are organized thematically rather than by week, offer distinctly anthropological perspectives on academic professionalization, possibilities, and particular challenges facing social scientists in the academy today.

Our pro-seminar meetings will take place on select Mondays on Zoom from 12:35-1:35 pm. It would be great if everyone can attend virtually as I will only audio record sessions if someone is absent. All PPT presentations and handouts will be posted to MyCourses. All additional (suggested readings) and ZOOM links are on MyCourses ANTH 609.

Winter 2021

January 18 -  Research ethics, with Deanna Collin from the REB team at McGill and Professor Ismael Vaccaro

January 25 - Proposal defenses (for MA and PhD), with Professor Kristin Norget

February 8 - Working with digital media, with Professor Gabriella Coleman, February 22 Discussion on Gender, Intersectionality and Power in Academia With Charlene Lewis-Sutherland, Equity Education Program Administrator and Anthropology Graduate Student, Kit Mitchell

March 8 - Fieldwork, with Professor Samuele Collu

March 22 - Collaboration and citation practices, with Professor Sandra Hyde

March 29 - Publication and scholarly production, with Professor Lisa Stevenson

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