Giving S.M.A.R.T. Feedback to Millennials

Published: 11 December 2014

Article by Karl Moore

Many managers today don’t relish giving feedback. In the past, feedback was associated with the annual review, a thoroughly unenjoyable hour where everyone involved couldn’t wait for it to end. Today with Millennials as the future of our organizations, feedback is more central to the role of manager than ever before.

... This was written with Sema Burney.

The hypothetical case of Brian Castro’s help desk department services, as outlined by the late Joanne G. Sujansky, serves as an excellent example of postmodern feedback failure. This is from her and Ferri-Reed’s excellent 2009 book, Keeping the millennials: Why companies are losing billions in turnover to this generation-and what to do about it, from John Wiley & Sons.

Sema Burney is a Human Resources Consultant, specializing in the areas of leadership, diversity and inclusion. She is a Chartered Professional Accountant and holds an MBA from McGill University.This column is based on Margaret Snell and Karl’s forthcoming book: Leading, Managing, Working Effectively with Millennials(crossing out Leading and Managing is deliberate, these words are too strong for many Millennials).

Read full article: Forbes, December 4, 2014

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