From sommelier to brommelier: adapting during the pandemic

Published: 28Aug2020

In his regular Forbes column, Professor Karl Moore profiles Jon Cercone, general manager, co-owner and sommelier at Tavern on the Square in Montreal’s Westmount. As a prompt response to the COVID...

Today's Elevator Pitch -- It's Now On Social Media (Mainly)

Published: 27Jun2014

There’s no doubt about it: for many of us, the “traditional workplace” is a thing of the past. With the shift into digital — whether it’s telecommuting or starting a business — one thing is certain...

Working With Millennials -- Why You Need To Listen More And Talk Less

Published: 15Jul2014

Article by: Karl Moore & Sienna Zampino When working with Millennials, it is imperative to listen to them – really listen.

Five Ways To Give Great Feedback To Millennials

Published: 24Aug2015

One of the most down to earth and helpful approaches to feedback that you should consider adding to your repertoire is one that I have taught to hundreds of managers in new manager courses: The...

Authenticity: The Way To The Millennial's Heart

Published: 22Aug2014

Article by: Karl Moore & Sienna ZampinoThe authentic self is a goal for all four generations alive today: Seniors, Boomers, Xers, but most especially, Millennials. It can mean something...


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