Your 2023 guide to chasing fall foliage across Quebec

Published: 2 October 2023

Across Quebec, we're already seeing leaves start to transition from bright summery greens to the burnished, coppery hues of Fall—but the changes aren’t happening because the days are chillier. As McGill Plant Science Lecturer David Wees told the Montreal Gazette last year, it's actually because the days are getting shorter.

“This is why the Laurentians, where the days are already a bit shorter than in the St. Lawrence Valley, the colour change is a bit more advanced,” Wees said. “If you drive south into the U.S., the leaves are a bit behind us because the days are longer there. But it’ll come.”

An interactive map by Bonjour Québec updates the foliage using regional and provincial parks as benchmarks. It showed Wednesday morning that the leaves are at their mid-point in the Abitibi region. They’re beginning to change in Mont-Tremblant and Ste-Adèle and are expected to start soon in other parts of the Laurentians.

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