Brain food: Kindergarteners get head start with nutrition education at EMSB


Heartening to see the good work Macdonald grads Sylvie Beaudry (FdSci'88), Giuliana Di Quinzio (Nutr'00) and Pamela Yiptong (Nutr'09) are undertaking at EMSB to help children develop healthy eating habits.

...During her 29 years in the public school system, dietitian Sylvie Beaudry [(FdSci'88)] has played a role in encouraging thousands of students to develop healthy eating habits.

Her latest initiative is a colourful nutrition passport that will be distributed to 1,600 kindergarten students who start school on Wednesday when classes resume at the English Montreal School Board after the summer break.

Dubbed the F.A.B. 4 (Feed a Brain with the 4 Food Groups) nutrition passport, the booklet is being rolled out this week by the board’s Nutrition and Food Services department. Read more in The Gazette