Manifesto as Poetic Form


Art Hive, 3700 McTavish, Montreal, QC, CA

Manifesto as Poetic FormA collaborative workshop with Poetry Matters

Join us on December 9th as the IHDW will be hosting a participatory art-making workshop in conjunction with Poetry Matters.

The workshop will explore the form of the Manifesto and examine the renewed potential of the format as an artistic site in the guise of happenings around contemporary cultures. We will hear expert review of the Manifesto forms of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, discuss together how to renew the format in the guise of artistic and social production and make manifesto art together within the Art Hive Space at McGill. On display will be various art Manifestos through-out the past century with special attention to their impact on feminist manifestos and vice-versa, including the Red Stockings Manifesto (1969), the Xenofeminist Manifesto (2015) and the Canadian Indigenous Girlfesto (2018)

More generally, we will explore the potential of the manifesto as a genre through which to empower and give voice to marginalized communities, recognize and articulate dissatisfaction, think and work for change, and dream toward a better future -

Miranda Hickman

The workshop will be led by a collective from the IHDW and Poetry Matters, including Professor Miranda Hickman, Associate Professor, Co-director of Poetry Matters Project and acting Director of the Institute for Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies, Nadia Moss, the Art Hive Artist-in-Residence and Graduate Students Lisa Banks and Aron Rosenberg

Snacks and Drinks will be available.

We do not have accommodations for child care, but this is a kid-friendly event so feel free to bring the young ones.