CPA Canada Presents: Protect your Loved Ones with Estate Planning (Virtual)

Thursday, October 26, 2023 12:00to13:00

Offered by the Health and Wellness Program in collaboration with CPA, as part of the 13th Annual Health and Wellness Fair for McGill Faculty & Staff

We all share an instinctive need to protect and provide for our loved ones. One effective way is to protect your wealth through estate planning and formulating a plan for asset distribution, whether during your lifetime or after your passing. We invite you to participate in this informative session where you will:

  • Understand the what and why of estate planning
  • Learn about the various tools of estate planning
    • Powers of attorney
    • Wills
    • Joint accounts
    • Gifting
    • Trust
  • Define dying without a will
  • Highlight facts on life insurance

To register:

  1. Click here to register through Minerva. Registration closes one day before the event.

Note: The link to the session will be sent one weekday before the event.

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