Kenneth Lester

Cannabis legalization and private enterprise in Quebec

Published: 20Jun2017

This summer, the Quebec government will be running consultations into how legalized cannabis will be sold in Quebec. For Ottawa, the aim is that the provinces will regulate sales, hopefully with...

Les touristes évitent la France

Published: 18Jul2016

L’attaque de Nice a eu un effet immédiat sur les touristes, qui ont été nombreux vendredi à annuler leur voyage en France....

When it comes to short-selling, flair for the dramatic growing in importance

Published: 3Nov2015

“To me it treads on that fine line because, in a way, you create your own insider information,” said Kenneth Lester, a finance professor at McGill University in Montreal and CEO of Lester Asset...

Short seller’s morning tweet seems to sink shares of two Canadian companies

Published: 2Jun2017

After of a sell-off of shares in two Canadian companies was apparently triggered by a short seller’s morning tweet, Desautels professor Ken Lester derided the tweet, saying that “There’s no...

MBA Students awarded second place in the Business for a Better World case competition

Published: 20Jan2017

Congratulations to MBA students, Aman Arora, Timothy Lane, Santiago Monroy, and Jose Nunez Gutierrez, who were awarded second place in the Business for a Better World case competition. The team has...

Paris attacks spark concerns in tourism sector: ‘They are cancelling their trips’

Published: 20Nov2015

Over the weekend after the terrorist attacks in Paris, the email cancellations started to come in at the Travel Network Corp., a company with offices in Toronto in Montreal that offers “bespoke...

MBA students: Head of the (asset) class

Published: 5Nov2012

Academia can be filled with hypotheticals and theoreticals. To make it real, just add money. A growing number of Canadian business schools are implementing investing programs that buy and sell with...


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