Kenneth Lester

Cannabis legalization: Six months later

Published: 16Apr2019

Desautels Faculty Lecturer Ken Lester joins Breakfast Television to explore how the legalization of marijuana has taken hold over the past six months and what the next chapter holds, including the...

Quebec trails in cannabis industry

Published: 15Oct2018

As the legalization of cannabis approaches, La Presse reports that Quebec is trailing other Canadian provinces where the industry has flourished comparatively faster....

Quebec’s upcoming election and legalized marijuana

Published: 25Sep2018

Much has been debated over the course of Quebec’s electoral campaign, including the minimum age for legalized marijuana consumption....

Will Quebec’s black market stymie marijuana business ventures?

Published: 30May2018

A vote on the federal government’s cannabis bill, C-45, is scheduled in the Senate for June 7 — bringing the country closer to legalization....

Duped by the promise of riches, investors are left in the cold

Published: 29May2018

Graphite Energy Corp (GRXXF), a Vancouver company with a mining operation in the Laurentians, was believed to be the next big thing among investors....

Does marijuana legalization open the door to organized crime?

Published: 6Feb2018

Following the revelation that many Canadian marijuana producers benefit from offshore financing, Desautels Professor and President of Lester Asset Management, Ken Lester, shares his perspective on...

The banking system turns its back on emerging marijuana business

Published: 23Jan2018

Many banks in Canada are refusing to offer any banking services to companies engaged in the production and distribution of marijuana. Desautels Finance Professor and Investment Management...

Citron hits Shopify in short attack, Professor Lester weighs in

Published: 11Oct2017

Shopify recently came out in defense of its business model following an attack on the company by short seller Andrew Left of Citron. According to Desautels professor Kenneth Lester, short sellers...

Ottawa’s pot pricing plan likely to be affected by low rates in Quebec

Published: 28Jun2017

Ottawa is going to have to find a way to keep legalized cannabis on the affordable side, thanks to the already low prices in Quebec. A new Public Safety Canada report states that, for comparable...


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