Dr. Alex Jenkins, Post-doctoral research fellow (2021-2023)
Project Title: Impact of fat free mass index on physiological, patient-reported and clinical outcomes in a population-based cohort of Canadian adults with mild-to-moderate COPD

Dr. Amir Hadid, Post-doctoral research fellow (2020-2023)
Project Title: Use of Wearable Sensors for Early Detection and Tracking of Viral Infections: The WE SENSE study

Emily Russell, M.Sc. (2021-2023)
Thesis Title: Individual and combined effects of obesity and COPD on exertional breathlessness: Insights from CanCOLD

Ahzum Mujaddid, M.Sc. (2020-2023)
Thesis Title: Responsiveness of the Hexoskin smart shirt to detect pharmacological lung volume reduction at rest and during exercise in people with COPD

Jaycie Triandafilou, M.Sc. (2020-22)
Thesis Title: Effect of asthma-COPD overlap compared to COPD on cardiopulmonary exercise test outcomes: Insights from the CanCOLD study

Dr. Mayron Faria de Oliveira, Post-doctoral research fellow (2021-22)
Project Title: The combined effect of cannabis and tobacco smoking on cardiopulmonary exercise test outcomes in a population-based sample of Canadian adults aged 40 years and older

Saad Razzaq, MSc (2020-22)
Thesis Title: 
Components of the Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Assessment Test associated with cardiopulmonary exercise test outcomes among people with Global Initiative for Obstructive Lung Disease grade 1 or 2, group A COPD: Results from the Canadian Cohort Obstructive Lung Disease study

Osasuyi George, MSc (2020-22)
Thesis Title: 
Effect of post-exercise ischemic conditioning on multistage 20-km cycling time trial performance in competitive cyclists

Kaveh Gaynor-Sodeifi, M.Sc. (2019-21)
Thesis Title: Effect of fat-free mass on exercise test outcomes in people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: A systematic review

Dr. Hayley Lewthwaite, Post-doctoral research fellow (2018-20)
Project Title: Morphine - A novel intervention to maximize the benefits of exercise training in adults with chronic pulmonary disease?

Emily Koch, M.Sc. (2018-20)
Thesis Title: 3-min constant rate stair stepping (3-min CRSST) and 3-min constant speed shuttle tests (3-min CSST) to assess exertional breathlessness in COPD: Development and prospective validation of an equation to select exercise intensity

Frank Niro, M.Sc. (2018-20)
Thesis Title: Measurement of the diaphragm electromyogram in human subjects: Influence of lung volume, breathing pattern and velocity of shortening

Leticia Fernandes Belo, Ph.D. candidate c/o Department of Physiotherapy, State University of Londrina, Brazil (2019-20)
Project Title: Locus of symptom limitation to cardiopulmonary cycle exercise testing in healthy adults and people with COPD: Physiological determinants and association (cross-sectional and longitudinal) with clinical and patient-reported outcomes

Dana Raffoul, M.Sc. (2018-20)
Thesis Title:
  Wearable biometric technology to monitor cardiac and ventilatory parameters at rest and during cardiopulmonary cycle exercise testing in people with COPD: Validation and responsiveness to pulmonary rehabilitation

Lauren Tracey, M.Sc. (2017-19)
Thesis Title: Physiological and perceptual responses to exercise according to the locus of symptom limitation in patients with COPD

Sara Abdallah
Sara Abdallah, Ph.D. (2014-19)
Thesis Title: Pharmacological and non-pharmacological therapies for management of breathlessness in advanced COPD

Amar Mainra, M.Sc. (2017-18)
Thesis Title:  Effect of weight loss via bariatric surgery for class III obesity on exertional breathlessness

Marcus Waskiw-Ford, M.Sc. (2015-17)

Thesis Title:  Effect of inhaled nebulized furosemide on breathlessness during exercise in the setting of abnormal restrictive constraints on tidal volume expansion: A randomized, double blind, placebo controlled, crossover, dose-response study

Steven Murray, M.Sc. (2015-17)

Thesis Title:  Abnormal restrictive constraints on ventilation and breathlessness do not contribute to exercise intolerance in adult survivors of preterm birth with bronchopulmonary dysplasia

Jared Ferguson, M.Sc. (2014-16)
Thesis Title:  Does wearing a garment made of synthetic "cooling" fabrics improve 20-km cycling time trial performance in competitive athletes?

Joshua Broadman, M.Sc. (2014-16)
Thesis Title:  Effect of induced metabolic alkalosis by ingestion of sodium bicarbonate on exercise ventilatory efficiency in healthy adults.

Kevin Pham, M.Sc. (2013-15)
Thesis Title:  Effect of mild-to-moderate obesity on neural respiratory drive and dyspnea during exercise.

Kristina Muscat, M.Sc. (2013-15)
Thesis Title:  Physiological and perceptual responses to symptom-limited exercise testing in healthy adults:  Effect of exercise test modality.

Courtney Wilkinson-Maitland
Courtney Wilkinson-Maitland, M.Sc. (2012-14)
Thesis Title:  Effect of bronchodilator therapy on neural respiratory drive and dyspnea during exercise in patients with COPD.

Houssam Kotrach
Houssam Kotrach, M.Sc. (2012-14)

Thesis Title:  Effect of nebulized fentanyl citrate on dyspnea during exercise with and without external thoracic restriction in health man.

Cassandra Mendonca
Cassandra Mendonca, M.Sc. (2012-13)

Thesis Title:  Physiological mechanisms of dyspnea during exercise with external thoracic restriction: Role of increased neural respiratory motor drive.

Michele Schaeffer, M.Sc. (2012-13)
Thesis Title:  
Physiological mechanisms of sex differences in exertional dyspnea: Role of increased neural respiratory drive

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