CERPL Team Members

Postdoctoral Research Fellows

Amir Hadid, Ph.D. (2020- )
Project Title:  Use of Wearable Sensors for Early Detection and Tracking of Viral Infections: The WE SENSE study

Alex Jenkins, Ph.D. (2021- )
Project Title: Impact of fat free mass index on physiological, patient-reported and clinical outcomes in a population-based cohort of Canadian adults with mild-to-moderate COPD

Mayron Faria de Oliveira, Ph.D. (2021- )
Project Title: The combined effect of cannabis and tobacco smoking on cardiopulmonary exercise test outcomes in a population-based sample of Canadian adults aged 40 years and older

Camilla Illidi, Ph.D. (2022- )
Project Title: The influence of sports brassieres on respiratory mechanics and the development of respiratory muscle fatigue in healthy women: Implications for exercise performance

Graduate Students

Rachelle Aucoin, Ph.D. Candidate (2020- )
Thesis Title: Fan-on-face therapy for relief of exertional breathlessness and optimization of exercise training outcomes in people with chronic pulmonary disease

Jaycie Triandafilou, M.Sc. candidate (2020- )
Thesis Title: Effect of induced acute metabolic alkalosis by ingestion of sodium bicarbonate on physiological and perceptual responses to exercise in people with COPD

Ahzum Mujaddid, M.Sc. candidate (2020- )
Thesis Title: Responsiveness of Hexoskin smart shirt to detect pharmacological lung volume reduction at rest and during exercise in people with COPD

Emily Russell, M.Sc. candidate (2021- )
Thesis Title: Morphine to maximize the benefits of exercise training in people with chronic respiratory disease and persistent breathlessness

Felix Girard, M.Sc. candidate (2021- )
Thesis Title: Effect of respiratory mechanical loading and unloading on neural activation of the human diaphragm at rest and during exercise

Nikki van Noord, M.Sc. candidate (2022- )
Thesis Title: Does the respiratory system limit exercise performance in competitive swimmers with airway dysfunction?

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