Research Equipment, Facilities, and Infrastructure

CERPL is located in the Department of Kinesiology & Physical Education at McGill University and offers direct and indirect access to following research equipment and infrastructure:

  • SensorMedics (Vmax) Cardiopulmonary Exercise test systems
  • Electronically braked cycle ergometers (both concentric and eccentric) and motorized treadmills
  • Dynamic respiratory muscle function measurement system, including multipair esophageal electrode-balloon catheters for measurement of the diaphragm EMG and respiratory pressures
  • Pulmonary function test equipment (e.g., spirometer, body plethysmograph, forced oscillometry, single & multiple breath nitrogen washout)
  • Bronchial challenge test equipment
  • Non-invasive (PhysioFlow®) cardiovascular hemodynamic measurement device
  • Peripheral locomotor muscle EMG measurement system
  • iDEXA scanner for assessment of whole and regional body composition as well as bone mineral density
  • Biodex dynamometer for measurement of muscle strength and endurance
  • Carbon dioxide rebreathing test system to evaluate ventilatory chemoreflex characteristics
  • Blood biochemistry measurement & analysis devices
  • CT scanner
  • Ultrasound
  • Rehabilitative exercise training facilities


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