Philip S. S. Howard

Regular member


Associate professor,Department of integrated studies in education (McGill university)

Research interest

Sociology, education, multiethnic collaborations in racial equity work


Contact information

philip.howard [at] (> E-mail)



Select publication

  • Howard, P.S.S. (2023) Performing postracialism: Reflections on antiblackness, nation, and education through contemporary blackface in Canada. University of Toronto Press.
  • Howard, P.S.S. (2022). Quand se glisser dans la peau c’est s’immiscer dans la peau : antinoircité, proximité, résistance et le cas du spectacle SLĀV. Theatre Research in Canada, 43(2), 239-265, (translation in French of article #9 below), 
  • Howard, P.S.S. (2020). Getting under the skin: Antiblackness, proximity, and resistance in the SLĀV affair. Theatre Research in Canada, 41(1), 126-148, 
  • Howard, P.S.S., & James, C.E. (2019). When dreams take flight: How teachers imagine and implement an environment that nurtures Blackness at an Africentric school in Toronto, Ontario. Curriculum Inquiry, 49(3), 313-337,
  • Howard, P.S.S. (2019). Moving us nowhere: The politics of emotion and civility in the wake of the Quebec City massacre. Canadian Ethnic Studies, 51(1), 1-24,
  • Howard, P.S.S. (2018). A laugh for the national project: Contemporary Canadian blackface humour and its constitution through Canadian anti-Blackness. Ethnicities, 18(6), 843–868,
  • Howard, P.S.S. (2018). On the back of Blackness: Contemporary Canadian blackface and the consumptive production of post-racialist, white Canadian subjects. Social Identities: Journal for the Study of Race, Nation and Culture, 24(1), 87-103. (Published online: January 23, 2017),
  • Howard, P.S.S. (2014) Drawing dissent: Post-racialist pedagogy, racist literacy, and racial plagiarism in anti-Obama political cartoons. Review of Education, Pedagogy, and Cultural Studies, 36(5), 386-402,
  • Howard, P.S.S. (2014). Taking the bull by the horns: The critical perspectives and pedagogy of two Black teachers in anglophone Montreal schools. Race, Ethnicity and Education, 17(4), 494–517,
  • Howard, P.S.S. (2010). Turning out the centre: Racial politics and African agency in the Obama era. Journal of Black Studies, 40(3), 380-39, *Reprinted in A. Mazama & M. Asante (eds.) (2012). Barack Obama: Political frontiers and racial agency, pp. 55-69. Thousand Oaks: Sage.
  • Howard, P.S.S. (2004). White privilege: For or against? A discussion of ostensibly antiracist discourses in Critical Whiteness Studies. Race, Gender & Class, 11(4), 63-79.


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